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ADEKOM female employees celebrate the Women Дата публикации:2018-03-19 | Количество просмотров:147

      On the occasion of the 28th Women’s Day, the company has given special care to the female employees for a relaxing holiday. In the afternoon of March 8, the company organized all the female staff to climb mountains in the Daixi Mountain Park, play badminton, and buffet dinner for the Century Haoting Hotel. The woods are dense, the roads are winding, the red kapok and the white camellia emit bursts of fragrance. Although it is still cold and chilly and the rain dries, our female compatriots are still enthusiastic, laughing and laughing all the way, small spring tours, let us feel the infinite charm of nature, let us enjoy a comfortable and comfortable Leisure.

      The activities not only allowed the employees to adjust their moods, but also improved everyone's spirit of teamwork and positive progress. It also added a thick brush to corporate culture. We will continue to work hard to create new glories for the company with full enthusiasm and best working conditions!