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The ADIPEC exhibition in UAE Дата публикации:2017-01-11 | Количество просмотров:437

In November 2016,“ADEKOM” attend the ADIPEC exhibition in UAE. This exhibition is the largest gathering of the global oil and gas community outside North America. Since inception in 1984, ADIPEC has been instrumental in forging many long-lasting, successful relationships. From NOCs and IOCs, established service companies to government bodies, global associations and distributors.

For unlocks a business work of opportunity, ADEKOM show the compressor on this exhibition. ADEKOM ex-proof screw air compressor meet the requirements of the EU Directive 94/9/WE (ATEX) for the equipment in group I category M2, and can be used in mine underground pits endangered with methane and coal dust explosion. The compressor are totally water cooled and can be used in worse ventilated areas or at considerable depths in mines where keeping good climate conditions, compliant with the valid regulations, creates a problem for ventilation personnel. All our ex-proof screw air compressor units are designed for local supplying the compressed air operated equipment, pipelines as well as an air and water sprinkling system for heading. in comparison with the ex-proof screw air compressors are characterized by lower heat emission to direct environment; closed circuit cooling water from fire fighting pipelines or air conditioning units; lower noise emission levels; lower dimensions and lower weight.


These participations allowed Adekom to present our new models to potential clients and had face-to-face business discussion. These exhibitions also opened up new markets to Adekom and provided opportunities for customers to learn more on our products.