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Visit of Our India Partner Дата публикации:2016-11-11 | Количество просмотров:297

In October 2016, our partner in India has visited our company and shown great interest for our rotary scroll oil free air compressor which adopts latest technology for workstation application.


Adekom rotary scroll oil free air compressor designed, assembled and tested strictly in compliance with ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, GC standards to ensure quality, performance, reliability up to world's first class level. Furthermore, it provide users with green air source which is oil-free, odourless, clean and dry. There is no need to add any lubrication oil, so it is environmental friendly and eliminates possibility of oil contamination in discharge air. Maintenance-free, fully-automation and automatic drain, easy operation and maintenance.


Diversified application of this product range includes water treatment, bio-pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, printing, textile, petrochemical industry, precision electronics, laboratory, spray coating industry, auto industry, optics and other places where clean air is needed.


Our quality rotary scroll oil free air compressors are having proven records all over the world namely Europe, Middle East, Latin America, South East Asia, Russia, ...etc.