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Visit from Our Morocco partner Дата публикации:2016-08-06 | Количество просмотров:504

In July 2016, Morocco customer visited our company and shown great interest for our full feature all-in-one compressor station series air compressor (floor/tank mounted, with or without integrated dryer) which adopts latest technology for workstation application.

To meet with ever rising demands for efficient, reliable and high performance compressed air solution in today's production environment. 'Adekom' K-compact series air compressor provide a perfect answer for this most stringent requirements with their excellent reliability, small footprint, extremely quiet operation and integration of air and condensate treatment, 'K-compact' air compressors are ideal to run at point of use and offer exceptional versatility and peace of mind. No need for a separate compressor room and costly piping system, suitable for many industries like textile, printing, railway, shipbuilding, etc.