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The second phase of ADEKOM technical training brings to a successful close Posted: 2016-06-27 | Click: 607

        The successful completion of the second phase of technical vocational training, is end of May 10th, 2016. The day is also important because it gives a perfect time to illustrate some of the excellent programming ADEKOM has done in Dongguan over the past 13 years.
        The training lessons, consists of a hand-on 3 months including learning theories and training, in instance, basic theoretical knowledge of compressor and ADEKOM full series product introduction and team work spirit training and this like., which aiming to enhance skills and capability of our new team members, trainees who are from Export Dept., Sales Dept., Technical Dept. respectively, and try to help trainers achieve their potential.
Most prominently, all the trainees passed the strict tests in the end the training, they will be proud recipients of certificates in several vocational disciplines, which will assist them in their jobs. Particularly, as high level score in the test, three of them that Hongwei Bi, Shunhong Huang (sales department) and Xiaojin Luo (technical department), obtained the company recognition of special prizes.
        It is especially appreciate that the trainers (Raymond Chan-Manager, Haoqiang Lian-Senior Engineer , Jianhua Xie- Senior Engineer, and other outstanding Engineers:Linbing Jiang, Zhengyu Cao, Guojian Lee), offered their precious time and energy to trains ADEKOM’s future elites for promotion and also shared their Valuable Experience for free. We believed that this special training as the process of teaching, informing, or educating our team members so that they will become as well qualified as possible to do their job, and they become qualified to perform in positions of greater difficulty and responsibility.
        During the future work, we will arrangefurther level technical or business trainings to our team members, which will enjoy the great benefit of enhancing skills through training and promoting their innovative spirit and team work spirit. It might play a tremendous help in their future work or life.
Group photo of ADEKOM general manager, training lecturers and trainees