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KDR208D-50SilencedTypeRotary Scroll Oil FreeAirCompressorwasFormallyLaunches by ADEKOM Posted: 2016-05-17 | Click: 537

        ADEKOM formallylaunches advanced KDR208D-50 to provide oil-free air from a Silenced Rotary Scroll Unit on April 2016.And the oil-free scroll compressor’s every technical performance index completely conforms to the design requirements that through strictly operating and testing for certain cycles by R & D group.

        The new KDR208D-50 is a complete compressor packages that unite the oil free scroll compressor, adsorption dryer, two-stage ultrafilter, 50L horizontal air receiver and so on in a super silent acoustic enclosure, which by ADEKOM’s R&D team updated. The distinguishing feature of this new compressor is the near silent operation ensures that the KDR208D-50 compressor is exceptionally quiet, and compact structure with the small volumeenabling units to be installed close to the point of use.Our oil free devicesupports Plug and Play that only need to power on and connect the main air pipe to the machine which use compressed air.

        What’s more, the unit supplying dew-point temperature can reach lower -20 C and the particles as smaller than -0.01 micron, 100%(i.e class of compressed air purity according to ISO 8573-1 Class0 required) oil-free compressed air for critical applications such as dentistry, hospitals, R&D laboratories, pharmaceuticals and food & beverage manufacturingmany more oil-free required fields.