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Standard Series Screw Air Compressor

ADEKOM screw air compressor is eco-friendly, highly efficient and can operate maintenance-free.

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K-KD Series Screw Air Compressor

KD-KG Series Screw Air Compressor

ADEKOM screw air compressors comply with China Energy Label Class 2 standard, according to Chinese laws and regulations this allows our customers to reduce income tax by 10% of investment cost.

9 Reasons to choosing ADEKOM air compressor.

1.   The enlarged high efficiency air-cooled aftercooler is specifically designed for Asia Pacific climate. This ensures ideal running temperature under high ambient temperature, high humidity environment but maintaining adequate air capacity and working pressure.

2.   Big capacity models adopt double cooling fan design. The first cooling fan starts up with the compressor and the second one starts up only when the operating temperature exceeds 80°C and it stops when back below 70°C in order to save energy.

3.   Highly efficient, totally enclosed fan-cooled (T. E. F. C.), IP55, class F electric motor with S. F. 1.15 and S1 duty is fitted with high quality high speed bearings from "SKF" with design service life of 100,000 running hours to assure round-the-clock operation without failure.

4.   The latest European patented multi-stage air/oil separation system to guarantee low residual oil content of less than 1-3 ppm. This exceeds any international standard of oil injected rotary screw air compressor and is particularly suitable for customers with clean air for applications.

5.   Electronic components of IP54 automatic control panel such as relays, contactors, phase protection relays and overload relays are from named brand Siemens to provide safe and reliable compressor control solution.

6.   Double high temperature protection design alerts the user when the air/oil temperature exceeds 100°C and trips the compressor when the operating temperature reaches 105°C. Two temperature transducers work independently to better safeguard the airend against over-temperature.

7.   Almost all oil and air pipes in ADEKOM screw compressors are made from quality steel tube with precision hydraulic screw connections to avoid oil or air leakage.

8.   Low to medium capacity model with its motor baseplate fitted with auto-tensioning system that automatically adjusts the tension of the transmission belts; big capacity model with its motor connected directly with airend through flexible coupling. This ensures high power transmission efficiency and maintenance-free operation.

9.   The internal components consisting of compressor air end, main electric motor, air/oil separator vessel and fan/cooler block are arranged perfectly to facilitate easy and time saving routine maintenance with direct and easy access to all components.

High Quality Genuine Spare Parts

All high quality and durable spare parts are designed, manufactured and tested in Europe to meet with the most stringent international standards.

State-of-the-art Compressor Airend

Optimal energy efficiency and outstanding reliability is achieved from patented design third generation non-symmetric robust rotors, superior bearings and oil seal that help the compressor airend to operate with good dynamic balance, low vibration, low rotation speed and low noise level.


Intelligent Electronic Control Panel

The control and regulation system elaborates the pressure signals received by the sensor included inside converting them into signals that modify the free air capacity.

With a correct programming it is assured a stable flow of compressed air to match the variable demand with a minimum pressure variation.

“S1-20” is capable of:

- To keep under control of all parameters included in the unit

- To modify the programmed conditions as required (within the preset limits)

- To determine maintenance requirements

- To program the stop and start of unit in accordance to the requirements

There are in the electronic panel itself luminous displays to visualize the following:

- One display to indicate the operating pressure

- One display to indicate the operating temperature

- Alarm messages

- State messages

- Maintenance messages

There is also visible:

- Start push button

- Delayed stop push button

- Emergency stop push button

It is also included a programming button that allows to the user to modify that operating parameters of the compressor itself (within the pre-set limits) to adapt them to the eventual specific requirements.

Modern Concept Suction Control System

Modern concept suction control valve with automatic closure can prevent any oil escape. The control unit can automatically adjust from 60-100% according to the system air demand to effectively minimize operation cost.

Model K3 K4 K5 KA7 KA11 KB15 KB18 KB22 KC30 KC37 KC45 KD55
Discharge capacity /Discharge pressure m³/min /bar(g) 0.51/7 0.65/7 0.90/7 1.35/7 2.05/7 2.30/7 3.30/7 3.80/7 5.40/7 6.80/7 7.80/7 10.50/7
0.44/8 0.60/8 0.85/8 1.21/8 1.93/8 2.16/8 3.19/8 3.62/8 5.20/8 6.42/8 7.62/8 10.10/8
0.37/10 0.51/10 0.72/10 1.06/10 1.65/10 1.93/10 2.88/10 3.25/10 4.80/10 5.69/10 6.71/10 8.70/10
0.30/13 0.40/13 0.61/13 0.85/13 1.28/13 1.61/13 2.42/13 2.93/13 4.05/13 4.69/13 5.54/13 7.45/13
Cooling method Air-cooled Air-cooled/Water-cooled
Discharge temperature oC Air-cooled: ambient temperature +810oC / Water-cooled: 40oC and below
Oil capacity L 8 10 12 13 18 20 48
Noise level dB(A) 68±3 69±3 71±3 72±3
Motor Power  KW 3 4 5.5 7.5 11 15 18.5 22 30 37 45 55
Speed rpm 2870 2860 2890 2925 2930 2950 2960 2965
Starting method Star-Delta Starting
Voltage/Frequency 220V/380V/440V   50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions L mm 650 650 760 1210 1510(1270) 1850(1520)
W mm 800 880 850 860 960(810) 1250(870)
H mm 1050 1070 1150 1280 1650(1190) 1650(1665)
Weight kg 230 230 250 270 400 420 450 550 750 990 1200 1510(1310)
Discharge pipe connections Inch/mm 1/2" 3/4" 1" 1 1/4"(1 1/2") 2"(1 1/2")
Cooling water pipe connections Inch   1"


(1) Measured and tested in accordance with ISO1217, 3rd Edition, Annex C (1996).

(2) Noise level measured in accordance with Pneurop/Cagi PN8NTC test code, error 3dB(A).

(3) Cooling system specifications are given in brackets.

(4) If you are ordering 3-5 bar low pressure screw air compressor, please contact local dealer for specifications.

(5) Any model can be modified with slow starter.

(6) Adekom may make improvements and/or changes in the appearance and/or specifications without notice.

Please contact local dealer or manufacturer for more detailed information.