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KRD Series Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryer

KRD series heatless regenerative desiccant air dryer is designed to obtain consistent outlet pressure and dew point, minimum purge air of 14% and long desiccant life.

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Working Principle

The KRD dries the air by operating four solenoid valves to alternate the airflow between two columns.

1.The compressed air flows from the bottom to the top of one of the two columns:

    (A).   For a certain period of time and transfers water vapour to the adsorbent substances. At the same time, 

             14% of the dries air passes through a by-pass, expands to atmospheric sure and flows from the top to 

              the bottom of the other column.

    (B).    Removing the moisture that the adsorbent substance had adsorbed during the previous cycle. This 

              phase, known as the regeneration phase, is shorter than the drying phase in order to allow the 

              regenerated column time to return to operating pressure.

2.A new cycle begins, passing the incoming compressed air into column (B) while column (A) is now 


Consistent outlet pressure and dew point
    a) Accurate columns design to ensure minimum of 4.8 seconds contact time between inlet air and absorbent 

        substance for the desired dew point. 
    b) Extra desiccant filled to compensate natural bed aging, this ensures optimum performance over the 

        expected life span.
    c) Modern design flow diffusers ensure air flow evenly through desiccant bed and prevent “channeling” 


Minimum Purge Air of 14%
    a) Advanced column design retains heat of adsorption which increases regeneration temperature, this 

        improves completeness of regeneration.
    b) Drying and purging air in counter flow arrangement to increase drying efficiency.
    c) Purge air capacity can be adjusted to match with specific loading of the dryer.

Long Desiccant Life
    a) The dryer is designed to ensure the air flows through the desiccant bed with best air velocity and contact 

        time, thus optimum drying effect is achieved.
    b) High efficiency oil removal filter is installed in the upfront of the dryer in order to eliminate oil and 

        particulates from the inlet air to protect the desiccant against pollution. 

Working Principle Diagram

Working conditions
Purge air: ≤12~15%
Working pressure:0.6~1.0Mpa
Inlet oil content: ≤0.1mg/m³
Outlet air pressure dew point: -70 °C ~-20 °C
Desiccant: Activated alumina +Molecular sieves
Working periods: T=4-20min
Inlet temperature: 0 °C ~45 °C

Model Discharge capacity (Nm3/min) Discharge pipe connections Weight (kg) Dimensions(mm)
KRD-1WXF 1.2 DN25 102 625 560 1173
KRD-2WXF 2.4 145 625 56 1688
KRD-3WXF 3.8 180 750 560 1568
KRD-6WXF 6.5 DN40 322 973 600 1813
KRD-8WXF 8.5 DN50 500 1062 600 1950
KRD-10WXF 10.7 580 1162 900 2090
KRD-12WXF 13 590 1162 900 1880
KRD-16WXF 17 DN65 820 1374 1000 1908
KRD-20WXF 23 1000 1374 1000 2208
KRD-25WXF 27 DN80 1140 1418 1000 2207
KRD-30WXF 32 1220 1616 1100 2208
KRD-40WXF 45 DN100 1550 1666 1100 2393
KRD-50WXF 55 1900 2016 1200 2673
KRD-60WXF 65 2200 2218 1300 2693
KRD-80WXF 85 DN125 2360 2218 1300 2693
KRD-100WXF 100 DN150 5100 2540 1350 2693