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K-compact Series Screw Air Compressor

K-compact compressor offers complete versatility for your production with its compact footprint, low noise operation and integration of air treatment equipment.

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With its compact footprint, low noise operation and integration of air treatment equipment, the K-compact compressor offers complete versatility for your production. The K-compact’s integrated design allows the compressor to be placed on the production floor close to the point of use without dedicated compressor room, reducing external piping costs and installation costs and more importantly minimizing pressure drop across the system. This increased efficiency can create strong energy savings for your business.

Fitted with state-of-the-art compressor airend from Germany

Driven by energy saving electric motor designed for compressor application

High efficiency aftercooler

Integrated air/oil separation system with spin-on separator

Compact size with low noise level

Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant charged

Specially designed for high ambient temperature and humidity environment

Low pressure drop due to highly integration design for components

Low maintenance cost and operation friendly

Intelligent PLC control for energy saving

Easy installation with less costs

Model K3D K4D K5D KA7D KA11D KB15D
Discharge capacity /Discharge pressure m³/min /bar(g) 0.44/8 0.60/8 0.85/8 1.21/8 1.93/8 2.16/8
0.37/10 0.51/10 0.72/10 1.06/10 1.65/10 1.93/10
0.30/13 0.40/13 0.61/13 0.85/13 1.28/13 1.61/13
Cooling method Air-cooled
Discharge temperature °C Ambient temperature +810°C
Sound (Noise) level dB(A) 68±3 69±3
Motor Power  KW 3 4 5.5 7.5 11 15
Starting method Direct-on starting  Star-Delta Starting
Voltage/Frequency 220V/380V/440V   50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions L mm 1240 1340 1690
W mm 650 700 800
H mm 1020 1100 1150
Pressure dew point °C 310
Weight kg 340 340 380 400 460 480
Discharge pipe connections Inch 3/4" 3/4" 1"


(1) Measured and tested in accordance with ISO1217, 3rd Edition, Annex C (1996).

(2) Noise level measured in accordance with Pneurop/Cagi PN8NTC test code,error 3dB(A).

(3) Cooling system specifications are given in brackets.

(4) If you are ordering  3-5 bar low pressure screw air compressor, please contact local dealer for specifications.

(5) Any model can be modified with slow starter.

(6) Adekom may make improvements and/or changes in the appearance and/or specifications without notice.

Please contact local dealer or manufacturer for more detailed information.